Welcome to my recipe roster— built with the following standards:

  • To make healthy, delicious meals that include no added processed sugar (such as table sugar/sucrose, glucose or corn syrups, or any other refined sweetener not found in nature);
  • No starch (i.e. grains of any kind such as wheat, oats, rice, corn; tuber-roots such as potatoes, cassava root, or taro roots; or legumes, such as soy, coffee, chocolate, lentils, kidney beans or peas);
  • No dairy from any animal;
  • Yes moderate portions of otherwise natural sources of fat, salt, and sugars… and yes, yes, YESSSSS…

Vegetable and Fruit-centered.

In more of the story that you’ll come to see through Torus Link, you’ll find therein my own personal climb towards a healthier way to eat overall, as well as why I’ve since come to use these standards in my cooking and meals.

Still with a joy and zest for food itself… but with greater health, versus the lack thereof. For right now, may you benefit from what I’ve since come to learn, and am now growing in these recipes as I post them. More will come in time. 🙂

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